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Manmeet and Harmeet Singh : Sunny Leone and Our Bond Is God's Created!

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Was legendary Mahindra Kapoor's prediction (years ago) a blessing in disguise, a hint that you guys will be successful composers one day?

Harmeet: As far as Mahendra Kapoor ji's story goes, like i said we might have some past connection with Sunny Leone so time and again we turn around and start working together without planning. Same goes with Mahendra Kapoor ji. He had said back then that you guys will do very well when we were in small town finding our paths. We were nowhere related to Bollywood and he came there and told us you guys one day will be big composers. After that when we came to Mumbai, his grandchildren turned out to be our best friends and that was sheer coincidence. Nobody introduced us. We just landed up being in the same party in Mumbai. It's like any movie story. We literally met them in college, become best friends, lived in their houses. I think it's all Mahendra ji's blessings and today we are here.

Like they say nothing is constant so is success, so how do you plan to reinvent or stay afresh or keep your position/success intact?

Harmeet: We work hard, we work with full honesty, and we work for the moment. We try out new things every time because audience doesn't like the same stuff. When we compose we try our best to give the audience something they will love and cherish forever. We don't cheat, we don't copy, we don't have anything to do with that will raise an objection. Sometimes you make a mistake. Intentionally we never do anything which can cause problem. So you keep hearing something new from Meet Bros.

The essential members of your team that you guys can't do without?

Harmeet: This is the finest question of the interview and it should be no 1 question. Today you are taking our interview because of our team and it's not just us. Today Meet Bros is because of this core team. The essential members of our team starts from, and we truly mean it, - Kumar paaji, our lyricist, Erry Pillai our sound engineer, chief assistants Udipan and Rohit, Ruchir and Sooraj our production managers. Then of course our parents and wives.. They are also important because if they don't send us food we won't be able to compose (giggles), we are incomplete without their love and can never make such beautiful melodies. So we need the love and yummy food that our wives send for us.

There is enough competition in the market, how you guys deal with it? Does that affect you?

Harmeet: We don't even know the spelling of competition. It was there only till school after that we realized in Mumbai that everyone has to survive with their own talent and hard work. So there is no question of competition for us. We don't look at others' windows. We only look at ourselves, our own rooms and see what we can do our best.

Usually, music composers/singers turn to acting after some point of time, but yours is an otherwise case. Will you ever go back to acting?

Harmeet: Very well put. It has been an otherwise case for us. We came from acting to music. So going back to acting will be natural and can't be questioned because we were initially actors and then musicians. But everything has to be in a right way and it has to be likeable and acceptable. So we will wait for the right movie, right time and role. We are not desperate to become famous as actors or show our acting talent. What we believe in is love and passion, when it is the right time and can show our passion in a right way, when people will like us, then only we want to do a movie. We are waiting for the right script. Even if there is right musical script, then we are 100 percent sure we will do great in acting career.

What's your take on other singers and music composers taking to acting?

Harmeet: We can't comment on other singers and musicians, who take to acting, they know the best for themselves. But what I feel is only if you are 100 percent sure that you can justify a role or really suit it to the T, not because you want to be a star, then only one should go for acting. People pay money to come to theaters and take out time, money and energy. So we can't cheat them. When I act in movies, I want to look like that character and not forced to play that particular character. People should like me as actor and not feel that a music composer is trying to act.

What are your future projects? Are you trying out something new, something experimental?

Harmeet:We have may future projects but we have an agreement not to talk about those projects right now. But there are lots of singles that we are focusing on as of now. Since T-series is really concentrating and promoting singles, we are also focused there. Moreover, we always surprise ourselves. We have no boundaries and we try every style of music. When we start composing we don't plan but when we compose we realise Arey! that we could have composed a particular song/tune using African beat with Jamaican touch or may be using Latino Spanish guitar...So, we keep experimenting and something new comes up.
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Posted On : 5th August, 2016
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